About Us

Pikes Peak Bikers Church

We are a non-denominational Church of Bikers that loves Jesus Christ. We worship Him in ways that only Bikers do, radically! Our desire is that you come as you ride. Don’t clean up for Church, just show up for church! God does not need you in some silly outfit you would never wear; wear your leathers, cuz those are your church clothes! We know that not all churches are comfortable for people like us, we understand that only we know what that means, and what it means at Bikers Church is¦.

YOU ARE WELCOME HERE! – Matthew 11:28

Our services are delivered in a way that is sensitive to the non-believer, the new believer, and the seasoned Christian. We know that we all need each other, and so we do our best to bring the Message that Jesus Loves you, tattoos, leather, bugs in the beard and all the other ways we show up in life and HE desires a relationship with you, no matter what! John 1:12

We invite all bikers to our services, and we do not SUPPORT one, we SUPPORT ALL! You will find patches of all kinds here, while our Pastor only chooses to wear a CROSS! We can perform weddings & funerals; we provide prayer support, hospital visits, and many other things, all in a biker friendly way. We are not bound by colors or cuts; we are bound by Christ & our love for each other and our lifestyles. We wanted church to be something different, so we started something new! Hebrews 10:23-25
We know that coming to a new church can be weird and uncomfortable. Our desire is that you come anyway! When you visit us, we will not embarrass you or make you do anything you are not comfortable with. We will welcome you and visit with you, but we will not intrude on your personal space. We understand that many of us are not comfortable with unwanted attention and we honor that. We have a pretty great welcome committee, but we are sensitive to the individual. Come early and stay late or come late and leave early, we just want you to COME!

We have members that have made Bikers Church their home church and we have bikers that visit us occasionally and have a home church elsewhere. We are good with both! We are here to provide you a place to worship with other bikers, or explore church for the first time, or add to your fellowship experience. Our motto is ALL ARE WELCOME.


* we believe the Holy Bible is the true inspired word of God – Psalm 119:160

* we believe in the Holy Trinity, The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

* we believe there is one way to Heaven, A personal relationship with Jesus Christ – John 3:16

* we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He came to earth voluntarily, that he lived a perfect and Holy life, that he chose to die on the cross, to suffer at the hands of mankind for us, that he died was buried spent 3 days in hell, he rose again to life and ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God.

* we believe that He chose to do all of this for our salvation.

* we believe that all people have sinned and fall short of perfection. We believe that we are made right again only through our free choice relationship with Jesus Christ – Romans 3:23-24

* we believe that no one will achieve perfection, but we do believe that Jesus loves us too much to leave us as is His desire is to see us grow in relationship with Him.

* we believe this salvation in Jesus Christ is a FREE GIFT, it cannot be earned it is by Grace that we are saved – Romans 6:23

* we believe that God is Love – 1 Corinthians 13:13

* we believe that sin is sin, and we have all sinned. We believe that it is God’s desire that we repent from sin in and through our relationship with Him. We believe that in relationship with him, humans will have a natural desire to turn from sin and strive to live Christ-like lives. We believe that fellowship with our church body is one way to encourage and support this type of growth in our personal life. Romans 6:15-18


To share the Love of Jesus Christ with all who enter here

To develop and nurture our relationship with Jesus Christ through a fun, spirit-filled experience whenever we gather.

To see bikers and non-bikers come to a life-saving relationship with Jesus Christ

To gather together for fellowship as is described in God’s word and to radically live together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

To have the same passion we have for the open road with Jesus and each other.


To maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ & fulfill the Great Commission to bring others to the same lifesaving relationship!

To encourage one another to be accountable and honest

To learn and understanding the Holy Bible our (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth)

To build a church body that loves and trusts each other

To provide an avenue we can ride on, a community of faith based riders that are committed to Christ and seek to live according to HIS spiritual nature.

To be REAL with each other and the greater community by seeking opportunities to minister on the open road, in parking lots and in other places where we hang out and meet other riders.

To walk in love, honor, respect and unity, the things bikers love are in line with the things Jesus loves.

To develop leaders in our community and in the greater community who live by their Christian Values while still knowing how to have fun, God is NOT boring!

To create and develop new opportunities for life changing experiences in the biker world through NEW life in Christ!


BIKERS CHURCH was formed in Colorado Springs in 2007.
The original vision for Bikers Church was to provide a place for Christian Bikers to gather once per month to share their love for Jesus and to get to know each other.

Pastor Jayme Simpson saw in Motorcycle Ministry what we see in Churches everywhere, separation.

As a member of a motorcycle ministry Jayme would see at motorcycle events groups of clubs, ministries, and organizations not gathered together, but gathered separately. It seemed a lot like the denominational churches all gathered in their own buildings, separate from each other.

Jayme asked God, Is this the body? Are we all doing our own thing, unaware of each other and not praying with and for each other? Do we know how to encourage and support one another if we are all behaving like an island?

God laid it on Jayme’s heart to begin this ministry and attempt to gather the clubs, organizations and ministries together once per month on the second Saturday each month. Jayme rallied a team of people from different organizations to help and each time we met, we would have music, food, fellowship and someone would give testimony.

One of the greatest hopes of Bikers Church at the time was that if someone were ministering to a biker that was not ready to enter a traditional church, we would bring them here. To experience God in a radical way that only bikers would understand. This was the model of Bikers Church for several years.

We moved in 2011 and partnered with a homeless ministry for a while. The homeless ministry served that community and Bikers Church provided church services for them on Friday and Saturday nights. At this point it was obvious that God wanted more from us and He was building something new. We began to be a preaching church more than a testimony church. Pastor Jayme accepted the call to ordination and to weekly preaching.

The church grew and the body began to form. There were many that came because of the connection to the homeless ministry, and bikers came as well, but we lost some of our core vision and some of our original body because of the connection to the homeless ministry. Some bikers simply are not called to this mission field. After 2 years of connection to the other ministry God called us out of that location.

We moved into a building with a host church Restoring Hope Churchin October of 2013. We have been fortunate to find a host church that will partner with us in such a way as to allow us complete autonomy to our individual mission: To reach bikers and any and all broken and lost people. The really cool thing is that Restoring Hope Church has very similar core values and a drive to reach the un-churched and broken. We moved in and immediately felt like this was a permanent home for us. We have set roots in this location, the 4th location we have been in. We know very few churches survive one or two moves, let alone 4. We know that God desires for Bikers Church to survive and thrive and we are excited every day to watch HIM move us in new ways.

When we made this move, we regained those who were not interested in homeless ministry. We still minister to the homeless community, please do not get us wrong. We love all God’s people. Yet, we are a biker’s church and we love seeing the parking lot full of motorcycles. I have blessed many a ˜pedal bike’ in my parking lot though, because we do not differentiate who needs to be blessed in and through us in the name of JESUS! All are welcome, not just bikers!

We have been through many changes over the years, but GOD is steadfast and HIS desires for us are that we remain steadfast in HIM and continue to worship Him in a radical way as to meet people right where they are! So, we continue to press forward knowing the main thing is the main thing is the main thing. JESUS!